The Academy of Pesaro is also online!

To the candidates that prefer to study from home, the Academy of Pesaro offers the opportunity to attend the courses, obtain music diplomas and course certificates online.

In the case of online academic programs and PhDs, students are invited to an in-person and fully immersive residency of one month in Pesaro or at one of our partner institutions: this allows them to complement the online experience with in-person activities like chamber music, orchestra, ensemble, concerts and contests.

Academic courses

All academic courses, or part of them, can be attended online, both Individual and Group classes. Study plans and classes will be decided directly with the Professor of the course.


Paid or free online courses open to everyone from anywhere in the world: in order to participate you will only need an internet connection and an email address necessary to register for the desidered course.

MOOCs allow each student to use autonomously the courses’ materials thanks to a self-paced learning. It is possible to attend more courses at the same time. Upon request, a certificate of attendance will be issued.


By purchasing the pre-recorded Video Classes, it is possible to attend special courses or laboratories. The successful completion of the online final exam prepared by the Professor allows for the attainment of the Diploma certificate of the course. The courses are available on the Multimedia section of the website.