Academic course

For candidates that want to follow an advanced music training and obtain a recognized academic degree.


For candidates that already completed their Master’s Degree and wish to undertake a PhD on artistic and musical performance.

Accredited courses

It is possible to obtain diplomas recognized at the international level through the completion of Final Exams at our headquarter and at the accredited partner institutions.

Short course

For candidates who want to benefit from our experience and training through a personalized study program.


For candidates who wish to develop experimental and innovative paths through practical exercises.

Online courses

For candidates who prefer to study from home and plan their courses online.

Study-abroad program

For students from foreign music institutions that wish to carry out part of their training in Italy.

Summer camp

An intensive residential course on the most dynamic aspects of the artistic world to refine and approach the music career.

Artistic residencies

For those looking for a new inspiration for their art through contact with Pesaro and other artists.